Last update: 23. April 2022

florio HAEMO App Disclaimer:

florio HAEMO does not provide medical advice. florio HAEMO is intended to monitor haemophilia therapy. florio HAEMO consists of the florio HAEMO App and the florio HAEMO Dashboard.

Patient information can be recorded by the patient or their caregivers and shared between the user and their healthcare provider via the florio HAEMO Dashboard, in advance of medical consultations, to facilitate care planning and potential treatment adjustment.

Monitoring allows patients and/or caregivers to: 

  1. A) record and display haemophilia related events (e.g. injections, bleeds, well-being, pain, and physical activity) and/or
  2. B) view estimated factor levels. 

The intended users are patients diagnosed with Haemophilia and/or their respective caregivers (florio HAEMO App) and healthcare providers (florio HAEMO Dashboard). Known contra-indications exist for patients 

  1. A) diagnosed with a current Factor VIII or Factor IX inhibitor and/or 
  2. B) using non-factor replacement therapies.